A Brief Look at Some of the 1960’s Wedding Dresses

Many of the 1960’s wedding dresses carried the print of traditional wedding apparel, floor length white gowns with or without train and the presence of veil made more commonly of tulle fabric, all these being considered the pattern of a bridal appearance. Dresses were designed in the A-line style with very few choices of fabrics, but all where made as white wedding gowns, since no one could have considered back then the option of a colored wedding gown. The exception from the traditional wedding gown pattern was introduced by the fashion designers who opted for more daring designs that reflected the fashion trends of those times adjusted to the white dress for the wedding celebrations. Some examples of 1960’s wedding dresses can be seen at antiquedress.com website as follows:

1960's Wedding DressesSource

1960's Wedding Dresses

* White wedding gown made of lace with matching headpiece and long veil. It is a creation of William Cahill who was considered the ‘king of bridal’ during 40s and 60s. His creations are all designed with a lot of attention paid to details expressing also a timeless elegance. The gown has a neckline trimmed in off white satin and the front side it has decorative buttons going all the way down to the hemline.

1960's Wedding Dresses Source

1960's Wedding Dresses

* Another design if 1960’s wedding dress is created by William Travilla representing a white gown made of lace with pink petals details incorporated as embroidery. It is a charming white lace dress that can beautifully dress any style and silhouette of a traditional bride who goes more for the romantic style. It features also huge balloon sleeves and the sweetheart neckline and cuffs are bordered in pink flowers as well.

1960's Wedding Dresses Source

1960's Wedding Dresses

* Another creation signed H. Levine which is quite an elegant design made in bone silk satin cut in a simple line featuring a bow at the waistline and beaded bolero. Its simplicity makes it look so elegant that one can easily envision Jackie Kennedy wearing it. The bolero is made of lace with pearl beadwork that emphasizes the most its elegance.

* For the winter wedding we can see the 1960’s wedding dress made of white satin damask and delicate bows at the front side of the waistline. It features a boatneck for a fitted bodice, at the back it goes into a deep V line while the skirt is of a bubble style.

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