A detail more, another expense- needing or not the card holders at the table?

You’ve seen at others weddings, you want them too but now it’s time to think if you really need them. To have place card holders on the table is a task that comes along with a row of factors that need to be taken into account. Even though it’s not too much space they occupy, along with others details, decorations on the table it may seem to be too much. Each and every detail has its place and importance so you don’t want to crowd for nothing the table.

In the first place it comes the practical part of the place card holders. Even with a list of the guests’ name and where they are sitting in that chaos of the wedding the responsible for being at the entrance may be confused but the cards on each table will still be there as second way to know where each person should stay. Plus that many make out of the place card holders a favor too and reminder for each guest to take it when leaving.

What’s the worry then? A little bit being about the guests and how do they agree to share the table with others. It is kind of impolite to change sits because wanting to be closer to a person but the bride and groom haven’t thought at that. Or the contrary, to avoid a person. The bride and groom hope they all will enjoy the time at the event, the guests will somewhere between that and their pleasure to be placed somewhere else.

Taking it on the other side place card holders will ease your work as what if each guest will have another preference of where to stay; it’s crazy, right? With such cards on each table you have no worries of that and after all it can be a single case of changing sits but not for all.

And with minimal costs you can do that as there is a wide range options for those cards holders. For example the bride and groom shape cards holder are something under 2 dollars.

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