A Few Ideas on the 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

With the 1st anniversary wedding coming up pretty soon, both of you should consider presenting 1st wedding anniversary gifts that are of your taste and mean something for each one of you. There are various gift stores where you can find these sorts of wedding anniversary gifts, but in order to make them special you could easily have them personalized with names and date as well as the occasion of presenting it. Most of the times, wives are more inspired when it comes to finding the appropriate gift for any type pf occasion, the 1st wedding anniversary making no exception.

1st Wedding Anniversary GiftsSource

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

On the other hand, husbands are more ‘left-handed’ when it comes to presenting gifts and more often they consider inviting their beloved wife to the restaurant where they have previously made the reservation for a table for two. Some consider choosing this moment to present their 1st wedding anniversary gift to their wife, and wives are tempted to do the same. Most of the times this gift is in the format of a huge bouquet of red roses accompanied by champagne, while wives consider offering something more practical, a cosmetic kit for men or a watch.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Source

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

But if you want to be rather special with your 1st wedding anniversary gift you could follow the ideas from above and decide which one would be the best and drive your spouse speechless with emotions:

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Source

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

* Consider a 3D crystal object, the shape of a heart or a rose that is placed on a holder that can have a small dedication engraved in a silver plated foil. These 3D crystal objects can be found inside offline and online gift stores and you can decide which object is the best to offer, if heart or rose is not on your taste. As to the silver plated foil that is engraved with your own words you can have it ordered with any jeweler’s workshop as long as you explain them what is it that you want.

* Choose a personalized jewelry; most of the times it will work with the ones that have his and hers zodiacal sign or the ones with the gemstone that relates to the 1st wedding anniversary – the freshwater pearl.

* Have all the memorable photos of the first year of marriage collated inside a photo album covered in leather and bearing a personalized inscription on the front cover. You can also insert on the first page a dedication written by hand where you put all your feelings and emotions that have crossed you throughout the first year of marriage.

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