A little bit of imagination to make out of your marriage proposal a story to be told and remember

A marriage proposal is just first step to have a life in two but yet the ultimate love declaration. Women see in this how much they are appreciated and how much are they worthy- as strange as it may sound this- to plan a unique way proposal just for them. In the classic way it is the ma’s proposal, on the knees and asking the big question “will you marry me?”. This is the essential in all cases but in different ways each time. Each couple lives with different passion, intensity and love expression the love story that leads to the desire for the life commitment after.

Creative marriage proposalsImage Source

Creative marriage proposals

For sure that all grooms to be are interested at first in creative marriage proposals, even though not all will have the same fabulous result. It is about the way this defines you as person and they way you know to act your part. Being creative is not so simple. But we come to inspire you:

Creative marriage proposalsImage Source

Creative marriage proposals

š Creative marriage proposals with collages, art, design. As banal as it may sound at first it’s not just a photo collage on a piece of paper. A street art graffiti is one idea and a story of a lover from New York which prepared all in the best way he knew, by drawing for his girlfriend, bride to be.

Creative marriage proposalsImage Source

Creative marriage proposals

š Creative marriage proposals through dances. A flash mob organized is a speechless way and even though you don’t have from where to gather all those people at an impressive number at least a couple of friends. And if not dancing then creating a form, having cards and you to admire the message from top in the air is one alternative.

š Creative marriage proposals with and in public. Sports galleria with the message in tribunes, on the big screens in a game pause, advertising on a bus, billboards or in the air a helicopter bringing the message you have plenty ideas to choose your best.


Nothing compares with her reaction and so you have your satisfaction an overwhelming feeling. And the best thing you men have all chances to surprise your ladies. Not being a romantic type of guy? It is a start for everything and exactly at what they won’t expect that is what they will receive. Hope to hear about the “yes”!

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