A modern life concept- open marriages and how they gain adepts

It is a tendency of the modern persons to socialize less, to work more, to reject the traditional way of having a life in two. Scared about marriage some may say it is just the unlike others wanna live the life idea. And not all can do it, believe me. Would you accept an open marriage concept for example? Yes, of your partner asks you this may be the first thought but you may want to think better.

For men probably easy for women not quite so open marriage concept refers to a certain freedom that come as privilege out of the respect, understanding and honesty. With possibility to have some extra marriage relationships, some that the partner will be aware of, the adepts of such life concept say it brings a sparkle then in the life time with the one they are married with.

As far as I am concerned I would just bring cons about open marriage. But we have different opinions and on the one hand you may understand sometimes this ideas as for him, as for you too that being with someone else will mean just a free spirit helping you improve your marriage. How? By just comparing that nothing else is better that him or her. But isn’t this the reason you got married for? To be just with that person? Why now interfering others? For reasons we may never understand open marriages may have even religious concepts as leading point to do this.

“Wanderlust” is a movie that gives a hint about this concept. In their attempt to have a better life, enjoy more they get to be part of a group with such concepts. And they agree with it for a while but still their roots won’t be forgotten. They remain together after all this experience and even with a more convincement of their love.


Tempting for some at least for curiosity first not just for real wanting to be with someone else than your husband/wife open marriages are clearly not for all. Determined to do this, with no regrets and blames later it’s an equilibrium needed, both ways desire for that. The conclusion? In the modern society we live in we redefine concepts. Some cheat, others do it with a wife/husband approval. This is open marriage for you?

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