A short walk for the little girl, a sweet picture for the wedding participants- the flower girl and the basket

The most emotional part of a wedding is surely the essence of all, the religious ceremony. And what else but the glorious time of the walking down the aisle under everyone’s attention and admiration makes a bride be flattered?

Flower Girl Basket

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I’m sure they all plan in the smallest details this moment and in the classic way too, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen there and with the juniors too, the flower girl to spread flowers before the bride walks in. It’s not a little or nothing fact but the presence of the flower girl comes with a few more concerns too. First of all, the need of the main item, the flower girl basket.

Flower Girl Basket

Photo Source: designstoremember.com

With a single task for the whole event the little girl has to spread flowers, petals down the aisle as she walks in and prepares the road for the bride. And these don’t come in pockets right? The basket is usually the fancy accessory such girls need to have and it all comes in the same style as the event, part of the theme of the wedding.

Flower Girl Basket

Photo Source: etsy.com

With a multitude of options as style the classic version of the flower girl basket is all covered with satin, of small dimensions and with two bows on the sides of the holder. You simply buy it from shops with this profile, sometimes it is a possibility to rent it along with others decorations but you assume a risk as it is about little girl we talk about.


Also you can DIY, do it yourself for those unacquainted with this term. It is all about creativity when you have the basket simply bought. You can embellish it with just some flowers and even natural ones from place to place and for a garden wedding you don’t need to do too much for it.


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