An outdoor wedding and a tent decorated

Now is the moment to enjoy the marvelous time of the friendly weather and an outdoor wedding seems to take the place of anything else. But taking all the precautions you need maybe a tent is better than be surprised in an unpleasant way. A rainy or a windy wedding day shouldn’t be a concern but how to plan it all. Tents for weddings raise other problems but nothing comes with a solution.

tents for wedding

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First of all, why a tent? You have the freedom to place it where you mostly like, even in a garden, to have an astounding landscape to impress your guests, usually for weddings with a big number of guests it’s not a rule. You have a wide range of options and dimension to opt for as to adapt it to your needs.

tents for wedding

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Where to get a tent? Agencies that plan weddings will be at your service and along with the competition in the domain you’ll have from where to choose. Expect at higher prices but apart from this there are certain things you should known and take into consideration:

tents for wedding

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  • There are different types of tents so according to the time of the event choose what’s best for you. It can be just a ceiling to say so, like a garden tent, with open spaces but when it is an early spring for example or fall time you may need a full covered tent type.
  • Depending on your wedding type as style the decorations part can be a minimalist one or a not. Even candelabrums can be used to hang up above your heads, in an impressive look and refined decor.
  • Take advantage of the space and make it all imposing, airy, with tall ceiling to impress at very first sight.


Because night will come and it’s something else than in a restaurant count on many, many lights to create a romantic scene.


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