Another scarf is always welcomed in a lady’s wardrobe

We all know that sometimes even a small accessory brings a boost to the overall beauty look. So in various ways and types ladies appreciate accessories from jewelries to gloves, scarfs and so on. How about this being your idea for the gift to the bridesmaids? But not just a banal scarf, an exclusive personalized one.

Exclusive Personalized Pashmina Scarf

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Neutral as style so neither being a too personal gift such as personal use products but nor impersonal like a key trinket a scarf with a personalized style will surely be appreciated by your group of ladies. It’s both stylish and practical, comes in a wide range options and is our proposal for today.

Exclusive Personalized Pashmina Scarf

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At Davids Bridal we found these made out of pashmina, with a reasonable price and in details it is about:

  • Made out of pashmina, meaning a sort of cashmere, and silk these scarfs are smooth at touch and elegant at the same time. Not too puffy, not thin but perfect for spring time for example.
  • At the bottom part these scarfs are with fringes trimmed a sort of design if you want, a classic style. And a plus is the personalized part too, the monogram or each lady’s name on.
Exclusive Personalized Pashmina Scarf

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  • It’s a wide range options for colors but better if it is about the gifts for bridesmaids make the correlation with the event and choose if not for all the same color then something close in pallet with your wedding colors, to remind them about this event. For example green and white wedding you can opt for different version green, lighter or darker, for each one what you consider suitable, to accentuate their eyes. Attention to the tones not to make one look pale.


28″ wide and 72″ long as measure these exclusive personalized scarfs are $25.


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