Are Wedding Vendors Tipped?

With the planning of your wedding there will be a lot of things to take care of, including  the list of expenses that  you should make to know exactly what places require cash payments, payments on delivery and closing contracts that can be paid in installments. Apart from the necessary expenses there should be put on your list the detail known as ‘tipping wedding vendors’. Although many of the vendors would leave this to your consideration, there is however a certain tip that is given to the services included in the wedding preparations. This tip will depend of course on the category of services the vendor provides and how much of an effort their service includes.

Tipping Wedding VendorsSource

Tipping Wedding Vendors

But you should definitely know around what sorts of tipping wedding vendors you must be prepared for and once you figure out the tips you should designate someone to take care of this aspect in the day of your wedding. Let’s see what categories of wedding vendors are tipped and how much you are expected to tip.

Tipping Wedding VendorsSource

Tipping Wedding Vendors

* For the officiants – you should consider making a donation of around $70 to $100, apart from any other fee required.

* The catering staff – as many of the caterers include the gratuity inside the contract to have it further divided among the personnel, you must not bother, but first of all do ask whether the gratuity is or is not included in the contract fees. If this one doesn’t exist, calculate around 15 to 20 % of the total fee and have this amount divided to the workers.

* Musicians or the DJ – the tipping wedding vendors in this case will depend whether you hire a band of musicians or a DJ. For fewer expenses a DJ is more recommended as he wouldn’t need to be tipped, except for the moments when your guests have different requests on the songs. As with the musicians they should be tipped around $20 apiece.

Tipping Wedding VendorsSource

Tipping Wedding Vendors

* For the hairstylist and make up artist – generally those services provided through a bill issuing, will require tipping wedding vendors with 15 to 20% of the bill value. The same works here.

* For the photographers, florists, wedding coordinators – they should not be tipped as long as they run their own business and the fee was already set when discussing over the service contract.

* Other helping staff, such as seamstress, delivery people, drivers they can be tipped in accordance with the effort and work performed for the right unfolding of your wedding planning and celebration. Therefore the driver should be on time to pick up the newly weds and if there are other needs they should be specified and tipped accordingly.

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