Be the guide, creator and designer of the bridesmaids’ bouquets without advanced skills

In all that a bride chooses it will be reflected her style and her wedding image. One of the details that have to make a correlation not only with the bride but with the event decor is about the flowers bouquet each and every of the ladies being the bridesmaids have to have in the wedding day during the ceremony mostly. Out of many reasons we try to embrace and explain today some prefer to make it all on their own. And today we get interested in how to make a bridesmaid bouquet.

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How to make a bridesmaid bouquet

It’s not just about the types of flowers but the technique, not just about to make it but to be resistant and look good. Styles, shapes vary and within being a matter of taste it is about for each case what suits best to ladies. From being easy to carry to being representative for the event and on the same page style with the bride lot of references one may have how to make a bridesmaid bouquet is about:

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How to make a bridesmaid bouquet

  • The simple way to wrap the flowers in a piece of fabric, usually satin, closed in pins. No matter how it is under all is seen elegant. And for a better sustaining you should tie them twice, up and down their tails.
  • In case of callas bouquets their elongated shape will require not that much hardness to create the bouquet. A simple 3 piece is enough, arranged asymmetric and tied with a bow under.
How to make a bridesmaid bouquetImage Source

How to make a bridesmaid bouquet

  • One of the most desirable styles of bridesmaids’ bouquets is about the prom bracelet one. And in such a case how to make them is the easiest way possible. With no matter what type of flower you choose to have from the tails and under a band is needed. You can even choose the simple same satin colored as in the bridal case to match them and simply bow to be the closure.
  • A rustic style of how to make a bridesmaid bouquet may be about the colored or not strings that wrap the flowers and end in a knot, at the middle only, letting the tails at sight, in nay way you want.


How to make a bridesmaid bouquet implies attention and a gentle way to do it all as not to damage the flowers, their freshness and delicacy, neither too tight but nor too large and loose them while walking.

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