Being a bride but a different one, far away of the classic white dress

We are used to see brides dressed in white and with the tendency to believe a bride wearing colored dress means she is not at her first such experience many become reluctant to the modern idea of a colored wedding dress. But not making an exaggerated choice, not opting for the extreme colored outfit the blush wedding dress is one alternative of a refined look.

blush wedding dress

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How is blushed defined? Of a pale, pastel soft pink. A modern vision about brides of course it’s among the favorites colors since it comes with its delicate look and at the same time another variant for brides except the pure white or off white. Besides the color part which comes with the need to make certain esthetic combinations on others details you are not conditioned regarding the pattern, the design. A few gorgeous blush wedding dresses we suggest are:

blush wedding dress

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  • Blush wedding dress by Vera Wang. It’s a dropped waist, strapless dress, with A line skirt. On top a simple line over the bust but all pleated bodice, with ruffled skirt, big waves lines fabric and all with the blush touch view.
blush wedding dress

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  • The “Blush” collection from JLM Couture, signed Hayley Paige. Style 1305 is one edifying example, the blush organza dress. It’s a mermaid strapless dress and besides its elegant cut, plated top, a ruffled flowers on one side, it’s the blush touch that creates a magnificent look for the bride.

Nothing but the color is changed. And considering a bluish wedding dress as option for you this is an advantage for those with a white skin. Wearing a too bright white wedding dress in these conditions you’ll see it makes you look pale and besides the off white versions, ivory, pearl touch, champagne, blush is on the list.


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