Between desire and need- the successful way to plan your dream wedding but not to cost too much

Not that many wait until having a round budget to plan the wedding, and when it comes it comes. With or without money you can still plan your wedding with taste. It is just the way you do it, the way you choose everything and make wise decisions. How to plan a low budget wedding? For some it sounds almost impossible if not just the long way road but still chances are.

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How to plan a low budget wedding

On the one hand renounce at some pretences but on the other hand compensate with others it all starts with the moment to choose the main part, the location. Step by step in a few ways to make it all a balance in your budget count the following ideas:

How to plan a low budget weddingImage Source

How to plan a low budget wedding

  • You don’t have to rent anymore the restaurant if choosing the beach as location. A bare foot wedding, mostly now that the festival period is coming is the romantic scene ever.
  • Make it all as life plan and for the rings don’t exaggerate to be the wide bands. Something that you like but easy cost and for the next year or as time passing from the wedding anniversary to make the bond more solid and change them later.
How to plan a low budget weddingImage Source

How to plan a low budget wedding

  • Negotiate as much as you can. It isn’t a rule but even though it all comes with a fixed price try your luck. So that for example at the agency where you rent the decorations to get a lower price or even nothing at all for the extra details such as the ring pillow or a fancy fan for you for the photo session. And in many cases it is about the chain of recommendations from a vendor to the other.
  • The low budget wedding implies attention to how much you spend on the outfit of course, the main part for a bride to be. In this way wait for the annual fairs somewhere near to you to visit, wait for the periods when the selling percentages are low. But of course it all takes time so plan it that way as searching for the dress to be even though earlier, six months in advance.

In a resumed way of what how to plan a low budget wedding means it is about the more work for you and not counting on a wedding planner, time and patience and not last wise shopping periods.

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