Celebrating the 20s with Art Deco Style of Your Wedding Rings

Art Deco is an artistic style that combines other different styles of the early years of 20th century, such as neoclassical, cubism, futurism, and modernism. Other influences that one can find in Art Deco style come from ancient Egyptians and Aztec geometric and bizarre forms. These features can be also found in Art Deco wedding rings representing glamour, elegance, as well as modernity in their decoratively set elements. Art Deco was very popular in the 20s, but throughout the 30s and early 40s it has seen a decline for later in the 60s to see a resurgence that has extended in the 70s up to the 80s.

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Art Deco Wedding Rings

If you take a look at the Art Decor wedding rings you will find the structure of this style very well reflected inside the almost mathematically disposed geometric shapes of the piece of jewelry. The combination of ancient cultures with the new technological ones can be actually the main characteristic of this simple yet sophisticated style. One can distinguish also the influence of the decorative styles of futurism and cubism with themes like zigzag, trapeze, jumbled shapes, as well as geometry of shadows and lights, especially if  Art Deco wedding rings are designed with a gemstone mounted on the wedding band. The presence of the gemstone confers this style an ornamental feature making it look lavishly crafted. We shouldn’t overlook here the dependence that Art Deco pieces of jewelry have on a range of motifs and ornaments.

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Art Deco Wedding Rings

When celebrating your wedding in a vintage style or going with the 20s to bring an homage to these famous years, you could purchase Art Deco wedding rings that look absolutely fabulous either with a gemstone or without. You should also know that Art Decohas played an important part in the designs of the period when it was in its full power. Clothing and architecture as well as jewelry were very powerfully influenced in order to reach to intricate designs woven together from geometric shapes.

Art Deco Wedding Rings Source / Shop this

Art Deco Wedding Rings

When browsing among the wide range of wedding jewelry you will find designs of Art Deco wedding rings with designs being a perfect reflection of this style’s features or gemstones mounted on the bands, such as colorful emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and many other. Through the contemporary jewelers you are give the opportunity to find re-creations of Art Deco look in pieces of art craft that is hard to be depicted in words.

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