Cheap Wedding Rings

You started your wedding preparations, and the first things on the list are the wedding rings. Where do you find cheap wedding rings? Here are some ideas that may be useful when trying to reduce the costs.

First you need to cross off from the list designer wedding rings; you want to pay for the quality not the label. If you fall in love with a designer-styled ring from a catalog or magazine, inquire if a jeweler can duplicate the look for less

The independent jewellers are much more likely to give you a discount if you ask, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at negotiation, especially if you’re buying all your rings at once. Engraving names, sentiments and the wedding date on the inside of the ring is standard procedure but if costly, don’t be afraid to break from tradition or lower the cost by engraving initials instead of names. It can’t hurt to ask if the engraving might be included should you purchase a set from the jeweler. The worst you’ll receive is a resounding “no.”

Having a fancy design is becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to be individual but it sometimes comes with a cost. The simpler the ring model, the lower the cost of the manual work. Regardless of fashion simple models are also most versatile. Keep in mind the basis weight. Besides the manual work, the price of any jewelry is given by its weight. Massive models have higher grammage, therefore choose lighter models.

Some people wait for the sales and buy wedding rings then. By doing this you can buy wedding rings that are any size and have them changed size at a later time nearer the wedding, this way if the bride is on a diet (as most of them are before their weddings!) you can have the ring sized and made for the right size because you can loose weight off your fingers too! By doing this it enables you to buy wedding rings from almost anywhere at this enables you to be able to save money. Another way to save money is to buy a wedding ring from an auction site where you can find some real bargains.

If you have been lucky enough to inherit a family member’s wedding ring then use that as you will be honoring their memory as well as adding all the love they had in their marriage to yours. An old family jewelry can make a wonderful wedding ring.

For really cheap rings, titanium, palladium and zirconium wedding rings are the way to go. After all, it’s not the metal that counts – it’s what the ring symbolises. These rings are ultra light, very hard wearing and come in hundreds of different designs, making them another perfect solution for those on a low budget.

If your financial situation changes in the future then you can exchange your wedding ring for a classier more expensive one. It is believed by some that if you lose your wedding ring it has to be replaced as soon as possible as it is bad luck not to wear it. If you replace your wedding ring then it is best to have the ring blessed or your vows retaken so that the new ring will become part of the link between you both.

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