Choosing Comfortable Ballet Shoes for Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, many brides are very excited with the preparations that include choosing their attire and the style of their make up, hairdo and footwear. If you are a tall bride and plan to wear comfortable shoes then you can think of going for ballet wedding shoes that should be a great choice for more casual bridal attire.

Ballet Wedding ShoesSource

Ballet Wedding Shoes

They are perfect for those brides who plan to celebrate their wedding on the beach or on outdoor venues, such as garden or park, where the ground is not perfectly flat. Under these circumstances it is important to select those shoes that do not have high heels for fear not to penetrate with the pointed heel deep into the earthy ground or the sand of the beach.

Ballet Wedding Shoes Source

Ballet Wedding Shoes

The ballet wedding shoes are also a great option for those brides who are of the same height with their grooms since a higher option of bridal shoes will create some sort of disproportion which doesn’t work into the groom’s advantage. If you have decided to opt for this design of flat shoes, you should take a look within the online images and see what design you feel the most comfortable with wearing. It is very important to like these shoes and more than this, it is very important to chose the ones that complement the wedding gown while they make a perfect match for both the gown and your bridal image.

Ballet Wedding Shoes Source

Ballet Wedding Shoes

Not many brides will be tempted to wear ballet wedding shoes for fear that this type of footwear won’t be perfectly coordinated with the rest of their attire, and they may get a point with this assumption. It is true that these designs are not suitable for a sophisticated bride, but rather for a more casual and less traditional image of a bride. These shoes can go very well with a simple wedding gown made of delicate silk that flows widely from the waistline down to the ankles and a bodice that has cap sleeves or wider straps that cross at the backside. This criss-cross can pair very nice with the strings of their ballet wedding shoes that are tied high up on the thigh with wide straps.

If you still want to wear high heels or at least a but of a heel with your wedding gown and still consider ballet wedding shoes for a more comfortable feel, then you can choose to wear a pair of medium heel-ed bridal shoes for ceremony and after that change it with a pair of ballet shoes for the rest of the evening.

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