Choosing Golden Wedding Flowers for Your Seasonal Wedding

Color has proven to play a bog role in the celebration of your wedding. Couples choose color schemes for their wedding day, others go for the colors that are representative for the season that hosts the event. There are also other choices of colors to go with the style and personality of the couple and what they consider best to represent their feelings. Therefore the details included in the wedding unfolding will accurately follow the color scheme chosen to confer the celebration the desired harmony and also to set the tone for the party.

Golden Wedding FlowersSource

Golden Wedding Flowers

Flowers will always follow the color scheme and in case you have decided to choose golden wedding flowers for your wedding celebration, that means that either you have your wedding on fall season or even winter or you have simply decided for a color scheme that brings sophistication and set the note of elegance to the overall atmosphere of your wedding event. The last version will describe for instance the choice for golden and black color scheme of your wedding or golden and navy blue can be as well a good contrast to bring your wedding event a distinct note of elaborate style.

Golden Wedding FlowersSource

Golden Wedding Flowers

But with golden wedding flowers you should know that they look quite beautiful even when combined with choices of deep red, deep purple, or burgundy colors. Another beautiful combination is golden blooms with white and light greenery added for a touch of freshness and delicateness. Maybe you would die to learn where one should find these golden wedding flowers. Well, first of all, the choice of golden in itself is quite special and unique when it comes to gold blooms, as your choices are limited. There is for instance a crossing made by various cultivators to obtain a hybrid called “Antigone” which has the color of pure gold and petals looking very fragile. There is one bloom per stem and it can be found on the market starting with the late May.

Golden Wedding FlowersSource

Golden Wedding Flowers

But if you decide to go for this type of bloom you should first consult with the florist and see his/her opinion on this bloom as there is little known on its lastingness and ways of preservation for long periods of time.

However if your choice is still for golden wedding flowers you have the alternative of buying silk made flowers as silk can come in vibrant shades of gold colors out of which various blooms can be designed to satisfy your wedding floral needs. When combined with real roses and a touch of greenery, the bouquets and the floral arrangements will look exquisite, no one could ever notice that there is an intruder among your fresh natural blooms – the silk made golden wedding flowers.

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