Choosing Short Bridal Attire as an Alternative for Your Summer Wedding Dress

It seems that lately more and more brides think of alternative wedding dresses for the celebration of their summer wedding. And why wouldn’t they go for another version of the long rich in fabric skirts and the fitted bodice, especially that the event is celebrated on the sea shore or outdoors in the brilliant hot sunny day. It is very important for you to select something that makes you feel beautiful and also very special: after all it is the most important day of your life and you should celebrate as appropriate.

Alternative Wedding DressesSource

Alternative Wedding Dresses

More than this, if you choose the short bridal attire, you are one of those brides who feel confident on their looks when exposing their beautiful legs and the slim line of their silhouette. There are various short styles of alternative wedding dresses, some of them designed in the short mini skirt, others with the skirt cascading in a long train at the back side and others in the midi skirt style. The most popular style seems to be the same with the long alternative wedding dress: the princess style of A-line style that has the fitted bodice and the skirt in the shape of the letter A.

Alternative Wedding Dresses Source

Alternative Wedding Dresses

For a more sensual but also playful look you should consider opting for a richer skirt that can emphasize the waistline and the way the fitted bodice femininely combines with the rich skirt. Some of these short wedding dresses even have some sort of petticoat to go under the skirt with the purpose to confer that richness we have mentioned above.

Alternative Wedding Dresses Source

Alternative Wedding Dresses

The stylish and trendy designs of the short bridal attire can be a great alternative wedding dress for those brides who want to look different than the conventional long wedding dresses. Apart from the step out of the box reason, there is the coziness factor that can determine summer brides to go for this alternative.

If you are confident enough on your looks and find the dress that emphasizes what is the best in your body shape and lines, then you should consider the short version of bridal attire along with the fact that it can help you cut some considerable costs that come with a floor length wedding gown. It won’t hurt to give it a look at these bridal dresses that have as well some colored additions, such as a colored sash to outline the waist, or colored embroidery in the floral pattern of a summer time wedding celebration.

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