Choosing Special Black and White Wedding Favors

Many wedding couples are fascinated by black and white color scheme of a wedding, this is the reason why many vendors have decided to include these colors (more precisely these lacks of color) as the ones coloring their products.

Black and White Wedding FavorsSource

Black and White Wedding Favors

So, now is easier than ever to find black and white wedding invitations, black and white decorations, and black and white wedding favors to use with the celebration of your wedding. Maybe for the decorations and favors, you would like to soften their looks not letting them be too decent and in this respect you should consider adding some colorful touches such as fresh red roses with a little bit of green.

Black and White Wedding Favors Source

Black and White Wedding Favors

For instance, when you present your black and white wedding favors to your guests, do this with a presentation that includes the colored silk flowers or colored ribbons as in this way you can make the gift look softer emphasizing also the classy elegance of black and white scheme.

Black and White Wedding Favors Source

Black and White Wedding Favors

If you decide to offer your guests the popular candle holders that are made of black and white glass or ceramic, make sure that you put a red rose bud inside to freshen up the candle holders’ aspects.  If you want to come up with black and white chocolate candies, you can present them in a beautifully designed gift box to which you can attach some colorful ribbons to make the favor look yummier but also more special.

Photo frames made of ceramic are another special black and white wedding favor that can be personalized with the date of your wedding and your names printed on the frame in a deep red color. You can find these frames in various shapes, but maybe the most popular one is the heart shaped frame which comes in various materials on which black and white motifs are painted. Some are of vintage style, others come is polka dots style, while others with black hearts decorating a white frame.


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