Committing Yourself through Traditional Wedding Vows

Throughout the unfolding of a wedding ceremony there are certain things you need to ponder upon in order to insure your wedding celebration the status of long lasting marriage and commitment to one another. One such thing that you have to consider is to write the wedding vows. For those who are more likely to go with the formality of this event, traditional wedding vows seem by far the best solution. Most of the times, people like to hear what they are used to hear when two people pledge their love throughout the pronunciation of a marriage.

Traditional Wedding VowsSource

Traditional Wedding Vows

Although not too many people have realized it, traditional wedding vows still follow the patterns of those marriages where brides were seen as the support for their husbands, but that was about it, no other way around. Husbands were considered the head of the households whom everybody in the house was supposed to obey, wife included. Due to the way marriages were performed and understood in the past centuries, wedding vows for the wedding ceremonies were written accordingly. Meanwhile everybody got familiarized with women’s emancipation and their right to be equal in front of their husbands and the society started to consider them alike.

Traditional Wedding Vows Source

Traditional Wedding Vows

Therefore, if you are not too delighted with the way traditional wedding vows sound, you might want to bring some changes here and there in the text, in order to confer these vows the reality of our modern days and attitudes towards the married life. You might want for instance, to erase the expression ‘to obey thee’ that appears in traditional wedding vows of the brides. You can have this one replaced with something that you find more appropriate or simply delete it from the vow as it won’t change a bit the message sent with the wedding vow


Traditional Wedding Vows Source

Traditional Wedding Vows

You could as well go for other format of traditional wedding vows as there are more available, just need to talk to the minister and see what he can recommend. If you do not have a ceremony unfolded in a place of worship, but somewhere in the outdoor scenery, you can still incorporate the traditional wedding vows in a less formal ceremonial run by a religious figure.

Many wedding couples do this as they find it much simpler to have already the vows written and only their names to be introduced. Either way, the most important thing is not to forget about this aspect and have it prepared with few days before the wedding day arrives as you would want for every detail to be considered when the wedding will need to be  celebrated.

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