Complement Your Fairy Tale Wedding with Cinderella Wedding Favors

Many brides plan their wedding event as an extension of their most intimate wish: to have a wedding like as fairy tale. Thus they choose a wedding gown that makes them look like real princesses, they decorate their wedding with refined details that imprint the atmosphere the appearance of a fairy tale and decide to offer their guests favors that relate as well to a fairy tale.

Cinderella Wedding FavorsSource

Cinderella Wedding Favors

For this last detail of your wedding reception, you can consider offering Cinderella wedding favors that are so beautifully created by many artists and gift decorators around the world. These favors can be in the form of decorative items or in the form of gift boxes that contain chocolate candies for your guests.

Cinderella Wedding Favors Source

Cinderella Wedding Favors

If you want for this favor to last for ever in the memory of your wedding invitees, then the best idea would be to give them Cinderella wedding favors in the form of a decorative item. You will find many creative ideas displayed online to choose from such as ceramic figurines representing a pumpkin chariot, Cinderella and her prince charming, Cinderella slipper made of glass, and many others alike. Some of them even come in the format of a candle holder to be also functional for your guests’ use. The candle can burn but it can also be replaced while the holder will be preserved for ever.

Cinderella Wedding Favors Source

Cinderella Wedding Favors

The magic captured inside Cinderella wedding favors is beautifully represented by the variety of materials used to create these favors, such as glass, ceramic, wax to make beautiful Cinderella chariots, even silver that can be found in the creation of Cinderella-themed photo frames. The beauty of these gifts lies also in the fact that they can be personalized regardless of the material they are made of. The larger items can hold also a dedication to be engraved on your behalf, while the smaller ones can be personalized with your names and the date of your wedding celebration.

As to the Cinderella wedding favors that come as chocolate candies wrapped gift boxes that are crafted with a Cinderella coach theme, these ones can be also personalized having your name, a thank you note and your wedding date on them. When chopping for these favors, make sure that you know exactly for what type of gift you want to go with, and then make sure that this one can be personalized in accordance to your wishes.


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