Damask Wedding Favors – Going for Elegance Yet Not Expensive

Damask wedding favors can be a great choice for those wedding events that are celebrated in a black and white color scheme or a vintage style. More than this, the combination black and white seems to be the one that has the ingredients of a traditionally performed wedding: the brie dressed in white and the groom dressed in black.

Damask Wedding FavorsSource

Damask Wedding Favors

Even if you do not choose to run your wedding day with a color scheme, the choice for black and white damask style is always preferred when needing to present your guests with something elegant and yet not that expensive. This is the great gift that Damask print comes with: it looks sophisticated and elegant however these features are not accompanied by a high price tag, when it comes to the choice of favors, that is!

Damask Wedding FavorsSource

Damask Wedding Favors

With so many technological advances these day, we find many items that can easily be printed with the Damask pattern in order to obtain a custom made Damask wedding favor. For instance, you can choose Tic-Tac mints which boxes can be beautifully imprinted with Damask pattern. Or you can choose to present your guests chocolate candies that can be also beautifully and elegantly placed within a card board box that has Damask print on it. You find also adhesive tape that comes in the Damask motif covering it.

Damask Wedding Favors Source

Damask Wedding Favors

Let’s go further with Damask wedding gifts and see the candles that are presented in Damask colored glasses. They are so elegant and refined that one can have hard times in deciding whether or not to burn that candle for fear not to waste the elegance of the candle presentation. But many of these candles can be easily replaced with new ones, so if you choose this favor for your guests you will have the guarantee that this item will be with them for along time from now on. Other ideas can be brought to you by the search engine sites images.

There are also CDs offered as favors wrapped in cases with Damask pattern printed all over. They are again a good idea to inspire you. Apart from the black and white colors that come with Damask pattern, do not forget that this one pairs very well with fuchsia shade of pink. Some gift boxes can be chosen in the black and white Damask pattern with the bottom side of the box colored in fuchsia pink. These three make a great contrasting combination, so do not hesitate to take this into account as well.

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