Define your bridal style through Edgardo Bonilla’s collection

Asked at the very beginning how the wedding dress to be a bride will answer you in so many ways as she likes so many styles. And when they try on and see in a concrete way how a style defines them or not another impression is made. But first you need to be open minded to explore your options and see more of them as for the final decision to be the 100% convincement.

Today we present you the Edgardo Bonilla bridal dresses collection. With a little bit of everything, from simple to intricate designs dresses choose what defines you best as a bride, as a woman:

Edgardo Bonilla bridal dresses

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  • Dropped waist Edgardo Bonilla bridal dress. It’s Daria style, tiered skirt with corset adorned with embroidery. And the neckline, sweetheart style, and at on one side of the waist ruffled design completes the look.
Edgardo Bonilla bridal dresses

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  • Spring style is the knee length dress with strapless and sweetheart neckline corset. The skirt is a combination of styles, partially tiered design in thin lines, partially the same but more detailed and trimmed with tulle ruffles.
  • Marquise is a romantic Edgardo Bonilla bridal dress. With the same cut for the corset now it is all pleated look. As for the skirt it is the ruffled style, just adorable.
Edgardo Bonilla bridal dresses

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  • Shine Edgardo Bonilla bridal dress is the princess look lots of brides adore. The corset has some bead work, with a champagne colored bow and the skirt is the bouffant tulle look. Just like a princess!
  • Katelyn is a similar concept but with a more large bouffant skirt, on top with illusion high neck, shirt sleeves out of lace, trimmed with embroidery.


Elegant as Annora style, modern as Alex, what’s your Edgardo Bonilla favorite style?


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