Details you spend time on thinking about, the sweet little bags for favors

For anything you may have been chosen as wedding favors this task is far from being ended. In the majority of cases it is needed a wrapping, a box or how the majority choose, a bag. And don’t you think this is just one little thing you don’t want to worry about. The bridal favor bags come in a wide range options from colors to materials, sizes and designs and along with that diversity in prices too.

While some prefer the sweet bags as a copy of the bride and groom others will personalize them with the names, wedding date and a thank you note for coming. The options one may have are:

  • Bridal favor bagsout of tulle. A classic option, these are transparent so it will be visible the inside small gift, usually chosen for chocolate favors but not only. These close on top with a string on sides.
  • Bridal favor bags out of velvet. Sounds already mysterious so will be a choice for those having a high class event for no matter what it is inside.
  • Bridal favor bags-paper. In this case it is a freedom of choice for shapes to, texts to personalize that bag and gift. It can be the pyramid shape, the classic rectangle, with a bow on top as closure part or hermetically closed. In the all types category these seem to be cheaper, affordable too but in the simple variant; you’ll be surprised to see how much they cost when it comes about designs of a fancy view.
  • Bridal favor bags- satin, beaded style, crochet, lace why not come have a style specifically for a theme. For example for a country/western/cottage wedding the crochet ones will be the choice but also in case of a vintage influenced wedding theme.


Depending on the details which create the design of the bridal favor bags prices vary but it is per set something affordable. For example I found the tulle simple bags of 24 pieces set at $5 no more. Or the bride style shape bag, a set of 12, at $15.

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