The Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is a  story that has its roots in ancient Egypt, it seems, custom bridal gift of the groom bride engagement ring is a habit and meaningful. Symbolically speaking engagement ring is an important passage in a woman’s life, along with birth, marriage and death itself: the shift from status before the status of a married woman. The ring is  the whole that the woman form with man. When receiving an engagement ring, she actually gets a promise of lifetime, from all points of view.

Generally for men engagement ring selection is a difficult task for you choose one symbol of your eternal love that will last until death do you apart. So when you want to buy that  little thing  that represents your love and your fidelity, it is better  that the future bride to be present. If you do your shopping together, you will certainly ring and wedding rings are on her taste. On the other hand if you want the ring to be a surprise for her, it tastes good to them know, if you prefer large or small rings, white gold or yellow.

As time passes, giving an engagement ring ceremony was transformed when no longer considered a big importance, especially by men. Usually women engagement ring is considered as the most obvious symbol of love that man give her. Probably this view, dedication an engagement ring is invariably linked to two important aspects: the appearance of pecuniary and symbolic aspect.. One of the two issues always hang hard, but this depends on the woman values who receives.

Is the traditional diamond ring. Is said today that the woman’s best friend is diamond, although most couples choose other stones for an engagement ring. If you still want to buy a diamond, need to be considered by several aspects, such as his cut, clarity, color and carat. Cut shows how stone was polished, the angles and proportions results show finally shining diamond. Diamonds may be made in many forms, such as emerald tear, while remaining the most popular round. Diamond is characterized by color or better by its lack: absence of color makes it more valuable. Carat is the unit of measurement for the size of the stone and, although it influences the price.

Regardless of how you will offer, size, metal, stone chosen, one thing is essential for future wife: that all life will wear her engagement ring. So, remember, give her that ring!

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  1. Tabitha wacker says:

    Ive never seen such a beautiful ring.

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