Experiencing marriage- David Hasselhoff and a possible other wedding?

At his 59 years old David Hasselhoff is a young spirit and his lover (31) is one of the reasons. Love makes him so and the “proof” is the recent time proposal. Does David Hasselhoff have wedding plans? It seems so but now just engagement time relish. All in a spectacular time the “experience” in relationships helped David to exceed the expectations.

David hasselhoff wedding plans

David hasselhoff wedding plans

It all began during the show “Britain’s Got Talent” when David was part of the jury. After a relationship that started then 3 months later he declared that he cares a lot about Hayley Roberts and wont’ exclude any serious relationship for the future. He wants stability and all that package family. It wasn’t too long after that and people started to see them more and more together, moreover visiting the local town of his new, fresh and young lover.

David hasselhoff wedding plans

David hasselhoff wedding plans

About the wedding plans it all became clearer in January when we heard about the official engagement. And it was a spectacular moment. At his 6 attempt to be happy to say so he popped the question at 134 meters high. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia was the dream place and after he kneeled he go the expected answer, a firm “I do”.
It is not the first time she does this and according to what others posts David made and according to various declarations he tried to convince Hayley Roberts to accept. She was really stubborn and at her 32 years old she thinks she is too young for this. We appreciate the honesty!

David hasselhoff wedding plans

David hasselhoff wedding plans

The happiness can be seen and without any words to say about the pictures David posted on twitter were eddying; he let the fans in suspense by writing “what do you think she said?”. And the passionate kiss after that confirmed us all.

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