Getting married where opulence is- top most expensive places

Flattered to have a wedding in a place where it is all dreamy, beyond words to describe the landscape every couple’s desire is to have a wedding location with superlative words as reference. Where luxury predominates, where you have everything all inclusive and just enjoy the magnificence world you’ve discovered along with the good and unique time of your wedding. Sounds amazing and so does the top 10 most expensive places to marry.

top 10 most expensive places to marry


Luxuriant places around the world

  1. Cousine Island from Seychelles. Exoticism at the highest level, luxury and the place itself breathtaking. Enjoy the comfort of villas, all modern, the local traditions and massages.
  2. Cocoa Island, Maldives. It’s not only exotic and luxuriant but a place stars frequently choose as destination. A resort with 5 flattering stars, white sand and a lot of fresh air, the beach enchanting with its marvelous look.
  3. Burj Al Arab, Dubai. On an artificial island proudly stands this unique hotel. It is the only one in the world with 7 stars, the second building in the world as height. And the luxury is at its home. The highest hotel in the world is one amazing place where to afford to get married.
  4. Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athena, Greece. It was once the most expensive hotel and now it keeps its high standards. This place is a location for Hollywood stars, where one can have its own butler and chef.
  5. Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur. Everything private from poll to terrace, the view is amazing over the Jaipur city. And a single night here is over $40, 000.
  6. Martinez Hotel in Cannes. There is a private beach also and luxury defined through the 2 Michelin stars.
  7. Tokyo, japan. Did you know this this country is the leading name in a top of the most expensive places in the world?
  8. Bora Bora. It’s a classic variant and among the most expensive ones, but the images you’ll see here are with no equal.
  9. Altamer, Anguilla. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and intimacy.
  10. Sandy Lane, Barbados, a place where rich people usually go and find the perfect place to relax.

Such a top 10 most expensive places to marry will flatter any couple.

Expensive wedding, expensive place to marry

Besides the top 10 most expensive places to marry the costs involved are more than what you can think at. Or surprisingly having a destination wedding you reduce the number of guests and get top a similar price you would have paid for a classic wedding back home.

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