Getting Your Ideas for Western Wedding Invitations

Living in the countryside is the best thing that can happen to you as a future bride: you can easily organize your wedding event in one of the romantic fall days, outdoors surrounded by the rich colors of the autumnal season. Not to mention that you will have the harvest moment completed and as such benefit from all the products that are grown in the area to help you complete the menu with natural and healthy foods and drinks. When the date of the wedding is already set you just need to let your family and guests know about this event after you have thought if there is or not a theme attached to this happy event. If you consider organizing a wedding in the western style, then your invitation cards should send this message to your guests through western wedding invitations.

Western Wedding InvitationsSource

Western Wedding Invitations

It is not very hard to come up with ideas related to this topic, online pages are filled with such images that are representative for western times. Actually these times are not over, if one takes into account the fact that cowboys are still out there taking care of the livestock. The only difference is that there is no shooting and bandits threatening they lives of these brave cowboys. Speaking of which, the past of the western times is loaded with such events that can be part of your creative western wedding invitations


Western Wedding InvitationsSource

Western Wedding Invitations

You can create them with in the format of those “Wanted” posters that used to be displayed with a reward for anyone finding the bad guy. Your western wedding invitation could be an adaptation of this poster, plenty of such examples are available online, so search for these ones and find the one that suits you the best. One online bridal stationery selling this theme for the wedding invitations is “Invitations by Dawn” where several models are displayed for interested couples. Some of them are described below:

Western Wedding InvitationsSource

Western Wedding Invitations

* “Three Western Icons” – is the most appealing and original format of a western wedding invitation coming in the three iconic objects: a boor, a cowboy hat and a horseshoe. The names will be displayed on the card in the format of the horseshoe, the wording on the boot and the wedding reception details presented on the hat shaped card.

* “Western Wedding” – represents the bride being carried on horseback by her groom, the image is caught in a pearl embossing for a z-fold invitation.

* “A Good Fit – Gold” – represents an inspired by the theme western wedding invitation with a spur and a rope being designed on the front page with a gold coloring that makes it be very appealing. A silhouette of a man riding a horse is fading away on the background to add a delicate touch to the overall aspect of the wedding card.

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