Here comes…the boy with the rings- before the bride the rings must be ready

Where are the wedding rings? You don’t what to have an embarrassing moment at the wedding when it’s time for the wedding rings exchange and not have them, whispering around where are they. Usually the groom takes care of that and handles them to one of the groomsmen. But a sweet view is of a junior groomsman to walk down the aisle with them, on a pillow. They are part of the whole scene right, so they make an entrance as they deserve.

Ring Bearer Pillow

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How you plan this? If not having junior groomsman or bridesmaid then one of the grown-ups can do this. You only need a pillow. And where do you get that ring bearer pillow? Several options you have, let’s see what your case can be:

Ring Bearer Pillow

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  • Buy it. It’s one of those wedding stuff you remain with, a sweet memory. It doesn’t cost too much, it depends on the design actually. It can be from $10 to $30.
  • DIY ring bearer pillow, for those that don’t know the term do it yourself. You only need a few things, costs reduce but it takes some skills for that. The satisfaction isn’t comparable that’s right and you can actually sell it after or why not, keep it as remembrance of the wedding day.
  • Rent it. This is one of the most practical thing to do, costs reduced. You only need it for that time at the ceremony, at the church and there is a wide range options to select from.
Ring Bearer Pillow

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What are the trends of the ring bearer pillow? The classic style is the white one with satin or tulle on it, a bow or just a twisted string. You can come with a color accent as to define the wedding colors.


Also depending on the theme and style of your wedding that pillow can be embellished in various ways, with seas stars glittery and fancy view for a beach wedding for example, personalized with the wedding date etc.


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