How to Choose Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes

Planning the wedding in your own style and at your own pace, you can always cut some costs with every step you move further into the process of preparations.

There isn’t a single item to belong to the wedding planning that can not be found at discount or cheap costs.

Preferring the option for affordable prices when it comes to wedding flowers for buttonholes or boutonnieres you can always opt for the silk made flowers that apart from the fact that they are cheaper, they will never fade away when being worn at both men buttonholes and women corsages.

Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes
Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes

If the alternative for fresh flowers rings better to you, there is always a way to cut the costs in here as well.

You can opt for buying wholesale wedding flowers for buttonholes and corsages. Make sure that when you choose the type of flowers for this use, you must have them selected in accordance with the theme of your wedding.

Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes
Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes

For instance, having a color scheme of your wedding, such as blue and yellow, you must find a combination of these colors for the wedding flowers for buttonholes and corsages as well.

The same combination should be found in your bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids bouquets. In order for the effect to be more stunning you can choose variation of more yellow with less blue, or more blue with less yellow.

Thus you can make sure that the effect is not too strong for the eye, but rather works in harmony with he overall ambiance of your color scheme wedding.

Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes
Wedding Flowers for Buttonholes

Before you proceed into selecting the wedding flowers for buttonholes and corsages, make sure that you have your list of men and women guests who have announced their attendance. If there are boys and girls invited, they can be also on your list, and most important do not forget the in-laws and the groomsmen.

After your fresh wedding flowers for buttonholes have been delivered you could simply trim the most of the stem and have them (the stems) carefully wrapped with floral tape to catch the pin in a safe way.

You can always add some greenery to the entire ensemble if you want to add more richness to the floristic design.

You can find various online websites to explain the way to make a buttonhole flower, not to mention that many ideas can be as well displayed, so do not overlook this online alternative as well.

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