How to Find Wedding Cakes in Cardiff

Planning to celebrate your wedding in one of the beautiful settings that Cardiff region displays you will have to come sooner or later to finding the place that bakes the best and more decorative wedding cakes in Cardiff. The first option that comes to your mind is to look online for all the choices a bride is given when it comes to locating the available patisseries and bakeries offering varieties of wedding cakes that can be customized according to your wedding celebration.

Wedding Cakes Cardiff

Wedding Cakes Cardiff

The online search is always helpful in that it displays not only the name of the specific bakery and its contact details, but also there are pictures on the wedding cakes made in Cardiff and in localities near it. Images are always very talkative – they can say a lot of the effort, of the imagination and creativity that guide a cake decorator into designing his work of art. As to the taste of the wedding cake, there shouldn’t be any problem, as there will always be a trial piece from the cake a bride is willing to order for her wedding reception. The following bakeries can be approached when searching for wedding cakes in Cardiff


Wedding Cakes Cardiff

Wedding Cakes Cardiff

* Allison’s Celebration Cakes – is quite a popular bakery (operating in the field for more than 20 years) that is specialized in designing wedding cakes with intricately hand made sugar flowers that can complete the bridal bouquet. They can also bring a more personal note to the item by transferring your favorite photo on to the icing. Looking to the images of these beautifully decorated wedding cakes you can have hard times in deciding which one to be yours for the special occasion.

There are: Touch of Crystal (comes with beaded crystals and lilies), White Calla Lilies, Orange Lilies ( a two tier cake that can be made out of three tiers upon request), Fantasy Cake, Blue and White Lace (so beautifully and elegantly decorated) and others like Fairy Tale, Heart Diamante, Rose Diamante (a stunning looking cake that can come also in pink, white or ivory). A large number of  the cakes displayed are made upon request and in this way you are given the dimension of creativity and skill that guide the baker who runs the place.

Wedding Cakes Cardiff

Wedding Cakes Cardiff

* Zucchero Pâtisserie – is another bakery more famous for its awards won in 2008 and 2009.

The place boasts with the opportunity that brides can get to have their own personality reflected in the aspect of their wedding cake. Ingredients along with the design are of the highest quality combined with sophisticated flavors coming from long years of Italian Pâtissier’s experience.

There are wedding cakes made of chocolate for real chocoholics who en joy the true flavor of chocolate with continental influence. The Croquembouche wedding cake is another eloquent example of the best wedding cakes in Cardiff featuring a towering pyramid up to 4 ft (1.2 m) high with profiteroles.

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