How to Make My Own Wedding Invitations

With more and more brides nowadays who start planning their wedding events on their own as they want to save more money for their future marital needs, there is definitely the intention of cutting the costs as often as there is possible. You can start for instance with the list of your guests before sending out your wedding cards. The fewer guests you will have, the less you are going to pay for the wedding cards, for the menu and also for the venue – which by the way, could be chosen in the back yard of your family’s house.

Make My Own Wedding Invitations

Make My Own Wedding Invitations

So, after the guest list is considered, you could move further, and reach for tutorials into how to make my own wedding invitations, provided, of course, that you already know how to do it. But these lines wouldn’t be read by you, if you already knew what to do. So, let’s get it started:

* First of all choose the theme of your wedding. For a traditional wedding style is way too simple to look for ideas. Open the online tutorials describing how to make my own wedding invitations and in there you are presented with a lot of templates waiting for you to personalize them with your wedding details and specific wording.

Make My Own Wedding Invitations

Make My Own Wedding Invitations

* To reach for a proper wording, you should also search for the online pages assistance. There are many of them showing various types of wording, for various styles of weddings, for different faiths and so on. You can choose from there an example that goes well with the theme of your wedding and adjust it with your particular information. In here you can be also more creative, as well, if what you find is not on your liking.

Make My Own Wedding Invitations

Make My Own Wedding Invitations

* The next thing would be to find the font in which you want o have the wording written. Speaking of which, if you think that you have a good calligraphy of your hand writing, then by all means do it. It has a different impact and more personal touch transmitted to the guests, who will be more impressed with the intimate air of  the wedding card than the more official style of a writing made by a machine.

* Another thing that you should look into when looking for ways on how to make my own wedding invitations is the size and the format of your cards. Make sure that you get the right envelopes (in color and appropriate shape to match the wedding invitation).

After all these are done, you should print the final version of your wedding card, first on an ordinary sheet of paper to see how it looks and only when you are satisfied with it, you should print it in the final format on the type and color of cardboard chosen by you.

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