How to Plan the Decorative Style of Your Wedding – Wedding Flowers Checklist

Wedding planning comes with plenty of issues and due to this fact the schedule of a bride is very busy. She needs to take care of every aspect, including the decorative style of the wedding. This thing can be thoroughly considered if you make a wedding flowers checklist among with all the other checklists of the wedding planning. These checklists will help you keep track of every step you take forward into this important preparation. They will assist into keeping the things in order and make sure that you do not omit an important thing that should be incorporated within your wedding celebration.

Wedding Flowers ChecklistSource

Wedding Flowers Checklist

When you do the wedding flowers checklist, make sure that you include everything that is related to the floral composition within the wedding unfolding. Start of course with the floral bouquets. These ones are as follows: the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, Maid of Honor bouquet along with the flower girl basket and bouquet. When reaching this part of the wedding flowers checklist, make sure that you previously take a look at the styles of bouquets existing for this celebration and according to the chosen style plan as well the types of blooms and number of stems associated to every bouquet.

Wedding Flowers Checklist Source

Wedding Flowers Checklist

The next step you should take when writing down the wedding flowers checklist, is to consider the floral accessories for the other members of the family. In this category you should include corsages and button holes. Mothers (of the bride and of the groom) should wear corsages and the grandmothers as well, while fathers and grandfathers should have button holes. Again it is important to know what exactly style of corsages you want to present for the family members and the styles for the button holes.

Wedding Flowers Checklist Source

Wedding Flowers Checklist

Next on the wedding flowers checklist is the floral arrangement for church space. You should previously know the location and if the specific place can put this floral arrangement at your disposal. Many places of worship help brides in this aspect especially for the traditional style of a wedding, so you must inquire by the church whether or not they can provide you this possibility.

The last thing requires your attention on floral centerpieces and other floral decorative styles for the place that will host your wedding reception. It is very important to coordinate the presence of these flowers with the style of your wedding, especially if there is a theme or a color scheme involved.

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