Hunting Themed Weddings and the Choice for Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses

It might seem somehow strange for a couple to organize their wedding event in a theme that relates to hunting, but there are actually quite many of the marrying couples who have this type of hobby and thus choosing this theme in which they organize their wedding event.

Mossy Oak Wedding DressesSource

Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses

There are many stores as well as manufacturers who have created Mossy Oak wedding dresses for brides who get married in this unusual theme. One such company is known as Mossy Oak which has developed various patterns to be worn in various hunting situations, one of them being the celebration of a hunting theme wedding.

Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses Source

Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses

If you wonder what sort of style can mossy oak wedding dress be like, then you should know that they are designed in exactly the same patterns of the bridal attire that are known for ever with the difference that this one has the camouflage pattern bringing as such the element of natures into your bridal attire. If you feel like designing your own mossy oak pattern for your bridal dress while still maintaining the overall white you can try adding the following to obtain an original mossy oak style:

Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses Source

Mossy Oak Wedding Dresses

* Add a mossy oak ribbon to the waistline that ties in a rich bow at the backside and an additional trimming of the same pattern for the skirt’s hemline.

* You can have some mossy oak pattern of embroidery made on the bodice and after that continuing beyond the waist line in a pattern down the skirt for the front and back side. You can find many professional seamstresses willing to do this for you.

* You should have a bolero jacket made in the mossy oak style that you an wear on top of the shoulders while wearing a pair of mossy oak bridal shoes top match this bolero.


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