Intense as your love, dramatic as your wedding impression wanna have- red and purple wedding decor

What color inspires you more so to choose a color pallet for your wedding decor? Some make a correlation with the season of their wedding, others just think at what they like. For sure each of you has a preference in this way. And skipping the part of habitualness and stereotypes the contrast is not mandatory. And in the name of that we present you the beauty of red and purple wedding.

red and purple wedding

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Both powerful, with an intersex look at first impression it’s probably what others would like to combine. It’s a matter of taste after all and on the principle that a contrast is the successful combination instead, red and purple make a good team after all and stand out without any other intention of yours to recur to pompous decorations for example.

red and purple wedding

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With a dramatic touch so impressive with no others means to explain that it counts also the nuances, the intensity and in which proportions you use red and purple. It could be for example the spot of color in contrast with white and so a 3 color pallet for your wedding. It is a way to avoid the matching look of the bridesmaids’ dresses for example plus the same view for the flowers bouquets between the bride and her maids of honor.

red and purple wedding

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It is true that considering a red and purple wedding a daring combination decor not many are that attracted by such an idea. But exactly this can be your plus at the wedding, to be unique, to express your style in other way than others do.


Mostly that white and off white nuances dominate traditionalist weddings your modern vision can this passionate red look accompanied by the royal purple touch.


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