Invite your guests to a dessert pause, to the candy bar buffet

With what will you tickle the palate of your guests? Besides the plenty of food you will have, drinks and the dessert, the wedding cake is not at all unusual but mostly a common choice to have a wedding candy bar buffet. Different tastes, different candies types but for that you have to be organized and decorate another table.

wedding candy bar buffet

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First of all, you can adapt all to your needs and budget and find out that this candy bar buffet can be the perfect opportunity to expose the wedding cake during the event and until the moment to cut it. So besides the cake that will stands proudly there around you can add different assortments of such pleasures.

wedding candy bar buffet

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Second of all, what would you choose? It’s a matter of taste but the accent is on diversity. Choose different types, colors and tastes to gain a plus into your guests’ eyes. But this being another reason to decorate all into the same theme with your wedding you can hang some banners, add a bow to the  bowls where you put the candies and all be like part of your decor not something separate.

wedding candy bar buffet

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Third and last of all, it’s more like a tip. For outdoor weddings and not only think that the wind can blow, kids can be around that table and to avoid certain dirt or something else to get into the bowls think at something above that table, a sort of tent. And even in simple things such as flowers in a row to hang over that table will keep eventual flies to get to the sweet desserts and ruin the pleasure of guests to serve them.


Much more than simple candies you gather in one place the candy bar at a wedding is one appreciated idea you may want to apply.


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