Invite Your Guests with a Great Design of Your Pocket Wedding Invitations

Before starting this article I was thinking of an introduction, since nothing can begin without a preliminary word that should introduce the audience to the rest of the dissertation. The same happens for a bride and a groom who want to announce their families and friends of an event that is about to take place: their wedding celebration. They should write an introduction to this event which in this case takes the format of a wedding invitation. When deciding which form this message would take for your special day, you should take also some other aspects into account, as with anything else that is related to a wedding planning.

Pocket Wedding InvitationsSource

Pocket Wedding Invitations

You must consider in what way your wedding day will be held; in case you go for a traditional or a modern style you should opt for sending out pocket wedding invitations. That’s right! As non-conformist as they sound, these wedding invitations come in a various versatile way. I have browsed among many online collections of themed wedding cards, of various designs that created wedding invitations, but apart from those that take a peculiar format, such as message in a bottle wedding invitation, pocket wedding invitations outrun by far the creativity of classical format paper-made wedding invitations.

Pocket Wedding Invitations Source

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Due to the fact that this style comes as a very innovative one, and because it confers one the possibility to juggle with its format, these invitations count among the most favorite styles. They can be classy if you want an elegant touch for your wedding cards, they can be funny if you go for a more casual type of event, and they can be romantic if you want to go for a Valentine’s themed wedding or a fall seasoned wedding event. They can be also arty if you choose for instance an Art Deco or a vintage style of your wedding celebration.

Another distinct note of your pocket wedding invitations is brought in by the embellishing elements that can confer its design the features above mentioned. You can use decorative elements that can imprint your cards uniqueness, as any marrying couple would like to be in the planning and unfolding of their wedding celebration. The thing is that these invitations would be the first thing your guests will come across when being announced about your happy upcoming event. Thus you would like to present them a first hard to forget item: a unique wedding invitation format as in this way you can make sure that your event won’t be overlooked.

Pocket Wedding InvitationsSource

Pocket Wedding Invitations

The style in which your pocket wedding invitations are organized on both the inside and the outside is representative for the impression they will make to your guests. For instance you can have it created in two or three fold card presented on vertical or horizontal position. The pocket can contain merely RSVP card or RSVP and Save the Date cards. Or you can opt for having all three of them introduced on the inside of your pocket in the two fold pocket card while the empty page can contain a photo of you two and some other decorative pattern that borders the page format.

When it comes to the colors you should choose those which complete the ones you plan to introduce in the wedding unfolding or those that follow the season or the feelings and emotions that you have in relation to the upcoming event. It is also a sophisticated design that accompanies the presentation of pocket wedding invitations and this is mostly preferred by couples who plan to celebrate their wedding in a traditional note mixed with uniqueness and elegance.

Pocket Wedding InvitationsSource

Pocket Wedding Invitations

If you browse online, the same way I did, you can find various styles that have been created in order to satisfy the various styles and tastes of so many wedding couples that exist out there. If still you can not find THE pocket wedding invitations, you could choose to create them on your own. You can for instance look online to see a tutorial on how to create pocket wedding invitations and then let your imagination go wild. Choose for instance to create a red colored heart shaped pocket style of wedding invitations that have on the front ‘page’ the image of Cupid and on the inside on the first page of a tri-fold paper your photo along with wedding details that are separately enclosed in the pocket. And many other ideas can as well strike your imagination!

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