It’s more than simple lingerie- sleepwear set that pampers you

It’s not the day that makes you be special as you are a bride but it’s your attitude too, your feelings, your posture now once in lifetime to experience this. Everything is special for you so like the well planned event to the last details but even the lingerie. It’s one part that becomes another reason to have a shopping season, a fun time with girls. We know that the preparation for the honeymoon come on first place but don’t forget the right now moment. And in the same spirit of the bridal style today we stop at pearl bridal sleepwear.

Pearl bridal sleepwear

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We know that the majority of brides go on the romantic and bridal look of the white lingerie. A common choice but the alternative may impress you more, the pearls touch, of a slightly glittery view. And recommendations aren’t late to come:

Pearl bridal sleepwear

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  • Lise Charmel set, the push-up bra with classic panties. It is all about lace, even the straps being white such a design look, accessorized with a delicate touch robe, lace at the selvage sleeves line. At a discount period you can buy this at €90.
  • Linea Donatella lace baby doll style set for bridal sleepwear. It’s a wavy lien for the bra selvage, the same for the bottom part of the baby doll, with satin pink bow under the bust, all lace and bikini at $46.
Pearl bridal sleepwear

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  • The sexy bride, a set with baby doll again and classic bikini style panties with string on sides. The baby doll is transparent off the shoulders, with ruffled top line at $17.95.
  • A chemise with a deep v neckline, with straps alike at a bra, with detailed design on top, follows the contour of your silhouette and in front has lace, with g style strings bikini at $30.


There a whole industry for that, the bridal sleepwear being no longer a need or just a whity look, but a fancy outfit for the bed nighttime.


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