Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly are ready to tie the knot

In the public eye back in times when his family had a reality show on MTV Jack Osbourne was know for being part from one of the craziest families ever. Later then he was less seen as he made part of the team that is behind the cameras. And he makes a great job. Besides this the last of the events in his life is about the incoming wedding he wishes for.

Jack osbourne wedding 2012Image Source

Jack osbourne wedding 2012

In September last year we’ve heard that he popped the question. Lisa Stelly is his lover and the one that firmly said “I do” for the marriage proposal. At just 26 years old Jack is ready to become a serious husband. It all seemed to be too soon since they were dating just for a couple of months, 4 more exactly. But they seem more serious than we notice.

Jack osbourne wedding 2012Image Source

Jack osbourne wedding 2012

Jack Osbourne’s wedding is another one among a list of celebrities that plan for the 2012 to tie the knot. They will have a baby before any wedding will be planned or probably this was the reason to postpone the wedding as to first relish the pregnancy and baby birth period. And for such an event they’ve recently moved into a big house.

Jack osbourne wedding 2012Image Source

Jack osbourne wedding 2012

As for the wedding how will things go? For the moment it all is stopped and within a reason; they made a huge investment in the house they have just moved in, expecting for the new family member to come. But as how they have rushed to get engaged then to have a baby probably the wedding will come sooner than we think, the same rushed event to surprise us.

In the end, we wish them the best, hopefully to have this year the expected wedding.

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