Life and twisted roads-never say never Halle

In 2009 after the second marriage failed Halle Berry got divorced and said: “I’ll never get married I think two people that love each other can live without a ring or a piece of paper”. And things have changed quickly in her life as to get to be again a bride to be. At the end of 2010 she met Olivier Martinez, got in love and since then they are still in love and happy together.

Halle Berry engagement ringSource

Halle Berry engagement ring

With presuming engagement at the end of last year in Malibu where she had the winter holidays spend with family we all know now for sure that Halle Berry engagement ring is the real proof of an incoming wedding. And unlike others celebrities the ring is not just the big diamond style.

Halle Berry engagement ring Source

Halle Berry engagement ring

In a more concrete way Halle Berry’s engagement ring is a 4 carat emerald. That green piece rock is a really unique view. And actuality the whole ring is a one of a kind type according to the ring designer, one of the Martinez friends, Mazlo. Bought from Paris this ring has a story. It is the yellow gold massive ring, the square front center rock and two small diamonds on sides.

Halle Berry engagement ring Source

Halle Berry engagement ring

For the public eye it isn’t known the hidden part. And it isn’t about an engraved message but about symbols and codes with high importance for the couple. In exact words of the designer “tells the story of the couple”. $100,000 to $200,000 is the estimated price so it cost Martinez something to convince Halle is worth to get married again despite the failures in the past.

Wedding plans are serious and rumors have it that it will be a summer wedding. Kylie Minogue will be invited too even though she is an ex of the husband to be.

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