Make your entrance even more special with a well-designed car- the bride’s moment to show

You know that each and every detail at the wedding counts so mostly when it comes about the bride’s moment to appear even the car is part of the decor. A proper way to decorate it, a different one than simple means of transport what do you have in mind to make it all special?

bridal car ideas

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But it all depends on the wedding style too so the decision is not just about finding ideas about that but finding what’s proper for the event type. No bridal car ideas? A few suggestions dears:

bridal car ideas

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  • His and her car. With the idea of bride and groom you can transform it all into a car design, to have a veil up on top, the lights to become the eyes with eyelashes and the front bar to have lips. These cute and fun decorations for your car have pair too so for the groom’s car you can opt for a hat on top and a bow tie.
  • The fairytale style, romantic and inspired form stories can make your car be instead a carriage, exactly as Cinderella when to the ball night.
bridal car ideas

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  • The simple and classic option, bridal car decorated with flowers. The types of them have to correspond with the flowers you have as decor at the wedding, colors too and mostly the front part has such an arrangement. Tulle too or balloons on sides at the mirrors each style defines not only your bridal style but your wedding type. As for the car type it can be whatever you are inspired by, a vintage or a modern one for a wedding alike.


Even though you may consider at first this part a not that important element since when the bride appears at the church everyone is inside it can’t be passed without notice; it’s part of your wedding and bridal experience.


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