Movies become part of life- Lake Bell and Scott Campbell life behind scene

A year ago Lake Bell started a relationship with the tattoo artist Scott Campbell. They were mates at the movie “How to make it in America” and soon became more than that. This year spring came with the exciting news, the engagement and we presume the incoming wedding. The 33 years old actress seemed to get to the conclusion that life has another color with Scott as partner. Lake Bell plans for any wedding in 2012 are no rumors but yet nothing too much said.

Lake Bell weddingSource

Lake Bell wedding

A few references we could say have been made, declarations in media from close persons to the couple that mentioned about how happy are they both for this event in their life. but nothing was said concretely about the wedding date, how was the proposal or something like that, just generally speaking they want now to take advantage and experience at maximum their new statue of the relationship of engaged couple.

Lake Bell wedding Source

Lake Bell wedding

The truth is that they have been quietly consumed their love story so this is a couple that was spared of any means and rumors. About the possible wedding we can guess but we know for sure that it was confirmed the engagement. Thus a ring wasn’t spotted or maybe a tattoo will replace such a classic idea.

And after all it is a little bit too quickly to hear about Lake Bell 2012 wedding even though it is time for that of course. But it’s been not more than a couple of weeks since the announcement about the engagement and for the moment I bet they will resume at this only. For sure that wedding bells will sound but let’s just wish them the best for the moment.

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