No guests, no wedding party- pleasing everybody with the menu

Besides the essence of all, the union of the bride and groom, the wedding implies a plan for a party. From music to entertainment moments, traditions but food too each and every part is aimed to please the guests and create a successful and memorable event. How to plan a wedding menu is today’s our part to be explored.

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How to plan a wedding menu

In the first place there must be counted the wedding references, from time to location. So that it all becomes a split task. Step by step to define the final result couples have to take into account:

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How to plan a wedding menu

  1. Wedding type meaning the formal or informal one or even the wedding destination. In case you want each and every one to pay for the menu then variety is the must have. And on the same page is the food type with what pretences do you have. Don’t expect a middle or low social level people category to prefer caviar.
  2. How to plan a wedding menu has as base as well your budget. Not to make a deduction of the quality or quantity. So that simplicity comes along with normal food if it can be said so, chicken, grill, appetizer, salads etc. For sophisticated cases as the event itself salmon, exotic recipes are at high demand.
How to plan a wedding menuImage Source

How to plan a wedding menu

  1. Counting the type of food, bases on meat or vegetables you should have both depending on your guests. There may be some that are vegetarians, some that count their silhouette and if not something like meat they will prefer just light food, salads a lot. Having both is to care for each and every one of them.
  2. Traditional food is as well part of this concern. Depending on your wedding type people will expect such thing so at least one type to be part of the menu. But a modern way planned wedding will be itself suggested that the menu will come with something people won’t expect at.

Too much is annoying in one way as to show you have from where but less means or could mean you are cheap. You can’t tell how much your guests will eat mostly that you want them to fell good all night long and as much better. The equilibrium for how to plan a wedding menu task comes along with partially what you want, what is representative for the event type and variety for all the guests to find something they like.


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