One short marriage, one long divorce- how got Kim to the conclusion that marriage is not a game

21 august 2011 is the date when Kim Kardashian made out of her life a TV reality show. But it isn’t the only event that reminds her about this date but the wedding day. Everything spectacular of course as expected and a ceremony that was estimated at 10 million dollars. How can she ask for more? The prince charming existing, the basket player Kris Humphries, luxury all over yet things weren’t with the happily every after end.

Kim Kardashian and Kris HumphriesSource

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

After only 72 days of marriage Kim wanted a divorce. People were shocked as after all they had a 9 months relationship before the wedding so it wasn’t something rushed within a month or two. Yet what was the problem? A few speculations lead to several fights because of the reality show, because Kim’s husband wasn’t in agreement for that and plus for the place where to settle down after the wedding. Well dear Kris should we remind you what’s her job actually?

Kim KardashianSource

Kim Kardashian

Finally it came the official announcement she made. Something vague from where we couldn’t conclude what the reasons were about, whose fault and so on. Kim Kardashian’s divorce seemed to be a too quiet battle. And we were expecting for more despite the fact that it is not a pleasant situation no matter what. And then it hits us. Kris comes to say that she isn’t how everybody knows here from TV, that she has a fake attractive “behind”, that he found from media that Kim wanted the divorce.

But it all ended quickly since they had a prenuptial contract signed before the wedding and now Kim seems to have passed over the divorce drama and suffering, rumors have it that she is dating Kaney West.

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