Personalized rhinestones bracelets for bridesmaids

Wondering what to buy to your bridesmaids is one of the parts when it comes about wedding favors. It’s actually the start in the challenging process to buy something sweet, something your ladies would appreciate. It’s the budget concern added too and when you add that many requests your task has become harder. We propose the personalized rhinestones toggle bracelets.

Personalized Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet

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It’s stylish and an accessory that brings a flattering personalized look plus who doesn’t like bracelets? In a group of friends bridesmaids all having this is the friendship sign, it’s the unity, what bonds them in the symbol plan of course. We found such a style at Davids Bridal, number 9161S, and consists in:

Personalized Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet

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  • It’s rhodium finished, not just a trinket that in time will corrode.
  • Alike a chain style bracelet it brings a stylish look, a modern touch that can adapt to your outfit from being the formal look or just casual, so suitable to many cases to wear it and assort it to your look.
Personalized Rhinestone Toggle Bracelet

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  • Its main design actually is the front center part, a circular toggle beaded style with rhinestones. This is what makes it special, its bright and glamorous front part. Catchy look, it can be personalized to wear the lady’s name of whom you offer it. As long as there are maximum 10 characters you’ll have the same price for the bracelet.
  • Just $17 for such a bracelet and 7-1/4″ long.


As downsides of this as gift for your bridesmaids maybe you should pay attention to the closure part. It’s not something too fixed and secure and besides the risk to fall from wrist it also counts the size, to be an adjustable bracelet. In the same style you have as alternative a heart attached to the bracelet instead of the circular detail or to be with pearls.


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