Phenomenal, speechless at what ideas and ways some have to pop the question

To tie the knot is a decision that comes in two after a time being together. In one way rational the first step comes actually as a surprise or if not so at least in a spectacular way. It is not the banal talk in one night “let’s get married and now I’ll propose to you”. Each and every woman waits and has the privilege of being asked to get married and all at high scale expectations.

Unique marriage proposalsImage Source

Unique marriage proposals

As a reflection of the personality and character the marriage proposal is in some cases bizarre, for others romantic, classic traditional and so on. Daring ones will surprise more with unique marriage proposals. In different ways that can be defined this it is simply something else, something that others don’t do or at least not with such popularity. A few ideas of such kind may be about:

Unique marriage proposalsImage Source

Unique marriage proposals

Ï Up in the air unique marriage proposals. Either being about parachutism, bungee jumping together or the less adventurous and quite risky experience an helicopter route nothing compares with the view up there. A flight with a balloon can be expected to have the same results. And as so being literally in the air so you hope to be the proposal and whole life from now on.

Ï Unique marriage proposals in exotic places. Sometimes not only the way you say it, the way you give the ring but the location too will have a certain contribution to make it all a spectacular moment created. And more when it is a dream place where you both haven’t been so far.

Unique marriage proposalsImage Source

Unique marriage proposals

Ï Unique marriage proposals at cinema. Before or after a great move seen on big screens to be seen a photo collage with you two and coming the big question then will surprise your bride to be nevertheless. A public proposal that will bring smiles and applauds.

Ï Unique marriage proposals, huge messages. In a great and irreproachable coordination by switching on and off the lights at a building to make a heart shape or even write the big question. Or in the simpler way just huge messages hanging a building.


Impressing your bride to be or why not the reverse way as modern ladies can grasp the nettle too is more about what way is your style expression. Inspire from your love story and from your feelings.

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