Planning a wedding

Everybody knows that planning a wedding is a lot of work!

To save themselves the trouble, many young couples turn to specialized help in this matter, such as wedding planners. But what happens if you’re on a low budget? You either give up on the fabulous honeymoon or plan your own wedding. Easy to say when you are in love, you dreamed about this day ever since you were a little girl and you want everything to be perfect. To make things easier you can get a notebook and put down your ideas.

Decide on the one thing everybody is afraid of, the budget and try as possible to stick to it. Once you’ve done that think of the date in order to have time to plan things away.

The first thing you need to do is to think of the setting of the fairy tale wedding and book a place in advance, because good restaurants are hard to find. Depending on how big or small the place is, you have to think of the guest list, and yes, you have to invite even those obnoxious distant relatives otherwise your mother is going to do it for you. If you want a small, elegant wedding you can leave them out and later on you can just show them pictures. Whatever you decide, you have to figure out the guest list in order to send them the invitations. You can do them yourself at home, adding a personalize look, or have them bought, it totally up to you. Let people know in advance and make sure they will be able to come. There is also the issue of transportation; you may have to rent something for them.

Then you have to think about the outfits you want people to wear, after all it’s your big day and they all have to please you; the bridesmaid dresses, the groom’s and most importantly your magnificent wedding dress. This is a complex topic, but I’m sure you already have a specific idea.

Come up with a theme, whether it’s a color or something else, it will keep things on track and also it will help with your later decisions. Those decisions may include flowers, table clothes, seat wrappings, lights and even the music band.

Ask yourself what you want to feel or hear on that day, what you want to eat, and add your personal view on the matter. Elaborate the menu and the drinks.

Search for a photographer, and be sure you see his work before deciding; you want to always look back at this day. The same thing goes to flowers; visit a flower shop and tell them what you expect from the arrangements, or bring pictures of what you like and want to appear at your wedding. Mix the flowers with candles and your theme color and it should look amazing.

At this point you should be just about done with the preparation and wait for the big moment to come. On the day, go get your hair done, nails, makeup and prepare yourself to look splendid.


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