Planning Your Cheap Winter Wedding

Most brides are looking for ways to cut the costs of their wedding planning, and probably the most convenient way is to have an intimate wedding where your family and close friends are attending. The same can be said when you want to plan a cheap winter wedding for your important day.

Cheap Winter WeddingsSource

Cheap Winter Weddings

It is true that the rental of the venue might as well put you up to some expenses, but for the small number of guests for winter wedding celebration you have the less costly option to organize this party at a countryside inn or in a small room of a restaurant hall.

Cheap Winter Weddings Source

Cheap Winter Weddings

There are many restaurants which have separate rooms specially designed for this type of celebration. They are created in their own separate space without the possibility of disturbing the other clients that come into the restaurant hall.

Cheap Winter Weddings Source

Cheap Winter Weddings

To plan your cheap winter wedding, you can as well go for a cheap theme, such as it is the Christmas theme. Considering that Christmas time comes with its own decorations, it won’t be hard to find them at your relatives and friends whom you ask to help you with this detail. You can add some touches of your own style, buying balloons and colorful ribbons to match the colors of Christmas and there you have it: a decorative style that will cost you at most a couple of hundred bucks.

As to the venue service you won’t need more than two persons to waitress your small gathering of guests. Maybe you have the possibility of asking a friend of your to take the photos and another one to be the DJ. I have attended weddings where friends were DJ-ing with a computer, a list of all sorts of songs and a pair of speakers and turned out to be perfectly fine.

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