Platform Wedding Shoes-Are They Still on Fashion?

Platform wedding shoes or also known as wedge wedding shoes, come in all sorts of designs and colors, with or without amazing details and what is more important in various heights that make them wear-able for all kinds of brides: short and tall alike. The more exciting designs will come detailed with lace, with rhinestones, with bows fixed on one side of the toe with elegant brooch, and so on.

Platform Wedding Shoes

Platform Wedding Shoes

This platform format comprises also not only the wedge format but also a thick sole of the shoe that measures 0.5” in height. These styles have been on fashion for some time and they still are especially for the elegance of the shoe that is complemented by a stiletto heel. If you want to feel very comfortable and at your ease during your wedding day the platform wedding shoes, the wedge type, can be a great choice.

Platform Wedding Shoes

Platform Wedding Shoes

For shorter brides they come also as a salutary solution allowing them not to feel the height and inconvenience of the stiletto shoes. You can walk down the aisle in a more relaxed manner having the height that you desire. If you take a look among the available designs displayed online you will definitely fall in love with these shoes and you won’t mind too much if these ones are still or not trendy for your wedding year and season.

Platform Wedding Shoes

Platform Wedding Shoes

As a matter of fact, bridal shoes have a certain feature that many brides unconscientiously know of: they have that classic note within their image given the fact they are all elegant and white. You can not beat the classic note that comes with white color, most of the times the sparkling diamond white color that makes these bridal shoes be immortal in the range of other special occasion shoes.

While all the other colors of shoes can be chosen in accordance to the fashion trends and what the footwear fashion dictates, white bridal shoes can be worn making exception of this unwritten rule. The same goes for the trends of platform wedding shoes: as long as they are chosen in the white color, it makes no difference whether or not they are on fashion: they look great especially when complemented with details of glamour and sophistication.

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