Presenting Your Guests with Colorful Hawaiian Wedding Favors

Hawaiian weddings come as a great idea for Western couples who look to celebrate their big day in a romantic setting surrounded by other culture and traditions. In this respect the presentation of Hawaiian wedding favors is the best thing that you can come up with in order to colorfully thank your guests for attending your biggest celebration of your life. These favors are crafted in so many shapes and colors, all of them reflecting the magic of this culture and of the islands that host this friendly people.

Hawaiian Wedding FavorsImage Source

Hawaiian Wedding Favors

If you want to present your invitees with something edible, a good idea would be to come up with Hawaiian wedding favors in the form of Macadamia nuts wrapped in all sorts of forms: seashell boxes, woven raffia small chests with a plumeria flower as decorative symbol, and others alike. These Macadamia nuts are tastefully smothered in chocolate and creamy caramel to obtain real delights for your guests’ palate.

Hawaiian Wedding FavorsImage Source

Hawaiian Wedding Favors

Why not consider offering them Hawaiian wedding favors such as decorative items that are crafted in Koa wood. Many of these pieces of art come in shapes such as canoe paddles in miniature, turtles, ukuleles, decorative bowls, palm trees and many, many others. All these are sold within local stores but also with various online supplier stores that have a diversity of wedding favors coming in themes, Hawaiian theme counting among the most favorite ones.

Hawaiian Wedding FavorsImage Source

Hawaiian Wedding Favors

If you think that you are skilled with crafting various artisan items you can get your inspiration from one of the many online sites displaying Hawaiian wedding favors. You just get an idea from there and then adjust it to your own style and imagination.

You shouldn’t have hard times in finding things that you need to help you hand craft all sorts of boxes that are printed with a Hawaiian symbol and colors and then put in there candies or even candles that are made in the form of a heart of a palm tree, you choose it! You will find online instructions on how to do almost everything that can be handcrafted regarding the wedding favors that you want to present to your guests.

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