Replace the veil with a vintage hat

Easier to wear it a hat can easily become the veil replacement for some brides plus that according to tradition is correlated with pompous words and no all brides feel the same way- maybe even at their second wedding. But even a hat can have a small part veil so you won’t be the one against everyone. Today we propose the vintage style hat with flowers and blusher.

Vintage Hat with Attached Flowers and Blusher

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Davids Bridal has such a style, 7950. Liking it or not, suitable for your case bridal style or not find out bellow in the short presentation made:

Vintage Hat with Attached Flowers and Blusher

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  • The tulle blusher is at the face line length, covering the face only but completely. The single way not indicated is for brides with a round face, as this hat makes nothing else but to accentuate the line contour.
  • The blusher attached to the hat is simple tulle, not even trimmed. But it compensates with the design on the hat. It’s a big flower catchy at first sight. Feathers, petals come to accentuate it more, to boost its beauty and intricate design.
Vintage Hat with Attached Flowers and Blusher

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  • It’s 10″ long by 7″ wide, available in two colors, white and ivory. It is true that ivory variant is closer to what the vintage concept means.
  • Although a vintage style hat this is not an exclusivists item only brides that have a vintage wedding can choose. But it isn’t also a choice for those that want a semiformal look, casual.


A perfect headpiece that completes and complements your bridal appearance from dress to hairstyle it becomes a romantic style alternative to the classic veil. The price comes reasonable for not simple at all style and design, $99. So with all these being said and taken into consideration the others factors that influence you when making the decision regarding the headpiece for the wedding is this vintage hat what you need?


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